Palm Springs “Daycation”


(Now, I know that “daycation” is not a word, but I do intend to make it one).

Moving on from winter (and ex-boyfriends), I decided to revamp my blog. With vibrant, happy colors and silly poses, here we go again.

Today, my best friend of 20 years and I decided to take a little photo excursion to the desert. Palm Springs was and still is one of my favorite places! Growing up, I would come for a weekend getaway once a year at my grandma’s beautiful timeshare! We would lay by the pool, dominate at bingo, and hit some balls around on the tennis court (just to name a few things).

I didn’t get to go this year because I was working, so I decided that I wanted to make my own little “daycation,” as I call it. Hence, why my friend and I drove there for the day.

My friend is also a blogger (don’t really know if I can consider myself a blogger yet because I took a 3-month hiatus and then deleted all of my posts) so we decided to shoot in a couple of different outfits for our “blogs.” Having checked the weather last night, I knew it might not have been the BEST idea to be wearing thigh-high suede boots but what’s life without a little risk, eh? Hannah (my bestie) was more properly dressed, wearing shorts and sandals and such. ANYWHO, I had sent her images of these cool doors that were popping up on my Pinterest/Instagram feed and told her that we HAD to have pictures in front of them. She agreed (duh!) and so we drove out there. It was 109 degrees all day and we started sweating from the second we got into town.

(I didn’t actually think fake eyelashes could melt off, but I do indeed believe now.)

We got to the first, PINK, door and instantly started strutting our stuff. Luckily, no one else was around except some construction workers who were busy on the house next door… We were getting pretty into it. We moved onto the next house, which just so happened to be a couple doors down and SO aesthetically pleasing (the house with the lion statues and the floaties)! It made me think of High School Musical 2, when they are at the golf club/resort and they sing All For One at the very end by the pool (I don’t know, I’m just constantly thinking about all of the HSM movies and Zac Efron).

After multiple doors and the onset of heat exhaustion, we decided it was time to refuel before we went to the Desert X mirror house. We had some AMAZING food in town, but let’s be honest, we mainly went for the air conditioning and ice-cold water. We stayed longer than we were probably welcome, but we really needed to cool off. Modeling is a tough gig, you guys, let me tell you.

Here is where the day gets a little rocky…

The Desert X exhibit is off of a private road, so I assumed we had to park far away and hike to it… in 109 degree heat. So we do. Because “anything for the shot”, am I right? We are walking what feels like 3 miles (but it’s probably only 3/4 of one but we are just dramatic) and once we get to this little shady spot, we stopped to take a little breather. This cute lil old man and his family drive up and give us both a cold water bottle and tells us that Jesus loves us!!!! Sooooo sweet!!! He asked us if we needed a ride anywhere but since we were so close we politely declined and thanked him again for the waters. We got up and continued our trek, around some caution tape. All of a sudden, we see a car drive up… and then another. THEN OUT OF NOWHERE THERE IS A PARKING LOT RIGHT NEXT TO THE MIRROR HOUSE AND WE HAD WALKED A MILE IN THE HEAT FOR NO REASON!!!! The internet definitely did NOT tell me that you could drive right up to it. It’s safe to say Hannah was pissed at me (not really, but maybe sort of) for a little bit… well, at least until her breathing became regular again haha! Thankfully, this adorable couple gave us a ride back to our car and we headed out, back to the cool, ocean air.

The second we got home, we changed into our bathing suits and went for a dip in the pool. I may be sick from the quick change in temperature and have a gnarly sunburn (?), but the memory-making was TOTALLY worth it! And, not to mention, we got some pretty aesthetically-pleasing photographs, if I do say so myself!

HIGHLY recommend daycations, if you live somewhat near cool places like this! Give it a try some time and let me know how it goes for ya!


Kate 🙂

3 thoughts on “Palm Springs “Daycation”

  1. Good Morning, Kate!
    I love all of these photos! I visited the “Glass House” on my way back from Palm Springs in March – I wasn’t able to capture a good photo because they were working on the exterior and the interior was closed at the time. Where did you take all of those darling pictures? And agree that “Daycations” are the Best!!!

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      1. I also gave a ride back down the hill to a visitor! Yikes, that would have been a long uphill walk for me!!!

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