Museum of Ice Cream

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A few weeks ago, I got to go to a museum that kids only DREAM about. Where you receive ice cream in EVERY room. Yes, I am talking about the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles, California.

It has quickly become one of the most instagrammed museums around and you may have even seen celebrities such as the Kardashians or Queen B post about it on their social medias! So going there basically makes you famous by association, it’s really no big deal.

My good friend and blogger, Allison Kelley, came with (actually she drove and thank goodness we drove up together because it was a LONG trek filled with good ole California traffic!) and our “daycation” commenced! Now, we had NO idea what to expect but what I think shocked the both of us was the location of this museum. We were in, what I believe to be, the art district of L.A… driving around in this eccentric neighborhood. We thought we were lost for the longest time until we saw a building that was entirely pink and said “Museum of Ice Cream” all over it (had a hunch it was close). Once we found parking, we got in line and waited for out turn to go inside the magical building.

I kid you not, this place was HEAVEN for me. EVERYTHING WAS PINK!!! If you know me at all, even just a little, you’ll know I sort of just kind of like the color pink (ONLY MY FAVORITE COLOR EVER!!!!). The walls were pink, the docent’s clothes were pink… pink everything, as you can see from the photographs. I planned my outfit accordingly too. I HAD to add some pink in, obviously.

Here we go:

We walk in (surprisingly, it is quite hot inside… you would think an ice cream museum would be like a freezer, but nope, more so like a sauna!!) and right out of the shoot we are given as much chocolate as we would like! Allison and I did not partake because we were saving ourselves for the ice cream, DUH! It smelled like magic in this place, so whatever magic smells like to you, imagine that’s what this museum smelled like!

The first room was this awesome room filled with telephones, like the old-fashioned ones. And yes, they were all pink. We honestly stayed in this first room way longer than we should have and were the last ones in there haha! We just couldn’t stop taking photos with these cute phones (“oh, millennials”). Once we were done with the pink phones, we went into the next room which was this California-themed beach city room. I personally enjoyed the ice cream in this room the most. It was Salt & Straw and I think the flavor was Vanilla with a Salted Caramel magic fudge on top… I don’t remember but I DO remember it being my favorite!!! SOOOOO yummy!!! We befriended one of the docents outside and he popped inside to say hello so we made him take our photo in front of the pink floraly wall. He kindly obliged (thanks dude!).

We made our way through the museum, stopping to get pictures with giant gummy bears and eating room temperature black charcoal cookie dough. It was all just so much fun!

But here is where it gets GREAT.


*DISCLOSURE: They don’t use real sprinkles (which was a good thing in Allison’s case because she got sprinkles EVERYWHERE!)*

You know that feeling when you go ice skating or bowling and you have been doing it for hours and you finally are done and go to take your shoes off? You know that incredibly wonderful feeling? Yeah, well that’s what dipping my feet into the pool of sprinkles felt like. It was soooooo magical. It wasn’t quite like a massage per say, but it made my feet happy.

Also, Queen B’s babe swam in this pool so I am now famous by association.

It honestly felt so great to just act like a kid again and have no regard whatsoever for the outside world. Just splashing around (not actually) in a pool filled with sprinkles and eating ice cream without a care in the world, that is what dreams are made of.

At the end of our tour, which was guided by a Kevin Jonas look alike, we received ice cream filled pancakes (duh, the pancakes were pink). I think that was my favorite thing I inhaled at this museum, the pancakes. THEY WERE SO DELICIOUS I WANT THEM EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE FOR THE REST OF MY DAYS. Yes, I do in fact know how redundant that is but that’s just how marvelous they were.

That about sums up my experience at the Museum of Ice Cream. It was so good that I am actually going back again tomorrow with one of my long time friends from middle school!

I highly recommend putting this on your bucket list if you are visiting or live here in Southern California! Such a fun little experience that will leave both your stomach and your heart feeling utterly satisfied!



Kate 🙂


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