Hello Spring!

Pastel Blog 16Pastel Blog 18Pastel BlogPastel Blog 22Pastel Blog 24Processed with VSCO with a6 presetPastel Blog 2Pastel Blog 3Pastel Blog 4Pastel Blog 6Pastel Blog 7Processed with VSCO with a6 presetPastel Blog 13Processed with VSCO with a6 presetPastel Blog 26Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetHello Spring!!! We welcome you with VERY open arms!!! This has been such a brutal winter for us here in SoCal… Even more so across the U.S. but for those of us who are used to the “sunny and 75,” it has been rather difficult! We have JUST started to get warmer weather and I, for the first time I think ever, am C R A V I N G it!

I am usually the type of girl who wishes for winter all year long. I can’t tell you why I’m like this, but it has always been the case lol. My go-to casual look (when I’m not blogging and trying to be cute) is jeans and an old college sweatshirt (I say old college sweatshirt like I’ve been out of school for a decade haha… not the case, just so you know).


A common piece in my wardrobe right now is G I N G H A M! I know this has been a spring fashion pattern for a while now, but I am JUST now hopping on this band wagon! Not just gingham, but gingham skirts. Can we all agree, gingham belongs on more than just a picnic blanket?! I know that this is MY new belief. I am ALL about the monochromatic outfits so when I found these two orange pieces at Urban Outfitters I knew I had a new spring fave.

(Stay tuned for a monochromatic Easter look hitting the blog soon).

If you know me even SLIGHTLY, you will know that I will plan outfits WELL in advance to big life events or holidays or WHATEVER. I knew that I was going to Palm Springs for a family vacay back in October and since stores weren’t placing product for spring yet, I had too much time to plan. I knew that I wanted pastels in my closet for spring anyway, so when February came around and this cute lavender and yellow outfit was placed on display, I knew it was perfect! The color scheme just made my heart so happy! That’s what we need more of… simple things that make us H A P P Y!

I’ve been using a lot of capital letters in this post but it’s just because I am so excited!

Now, I shouldn’t talk too much about how warm it’s been because for the 2 days it’s warm, there are 5 days that it’s rainy and cold (m making me feel like we are living in Washington State). So, in order to be cute but also stay warm, cropped sweaters are also filling my closet. By filling, I mean I have 2 haha. When I paired this teal cropped rollback with these cropped wide-leg pants, I was SCREAMING. Now, not actually. That would be very obnoxious and I do not think that the other shoppers would have appreciated that. Maybe internally I was screaming because LOOK AT THAT COLOR COMBO!!! Then, add the leopard print slides?! DYING.

You guys, fashion and clothing just make me oh so happy (if you couldn’t tell).

The last outfit really had me stumped… Only because I am not TYPICALLY a work pant kind of girl, but here I am… wearing work pants! Who would have thought?!

This is actually one of my favorite pairs of pants that I own. If you’ve ever been to J. Crew and you haven’t tried the “Martie” pant on, you are fully missing out. I’m not just saying that because I work there. Like I stated previously, I AM NOT A WORK PANT GIRL. The “Martie” pant is probably the only exception. They’re soooo stretchy and form-flattering. I have them in a slew of colors and when I saw that they came in this PASTEL GREEN I was thrilled. Mainly because it went along with my pastel color theme. I only slightly feel bad when I pose in people’s front yards, but, when in Palm Springs…

With all of this depressing weather, pastels have really gotten me through and kept me hopeful for spring!

Stay positive that spring will come and summer days are ahead!!



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