New Year’s Eve Styles

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Last was the first year I had ever gone to a real life “adult” New Year’s Eve party, so I was just figuring out what it was that people wear to them. This year I will be WELL-prepared.

This NastyGal dress came to me when I was scrolling the internet one day (what else do I do?). I instantly got this 80’s feel and knew EXACTLY what this look was going to, well, look like!

This obviously is more of an event or party look so when I was outside of the store where this cute pink wall was, I was getting plenty of raised eyebrows in my direction. I don’t know why, but I got SUPER self-conscious shooting this look… If you know me, that is SO not me. My best friend Megan, who shoots with me a lot, helped me get out of it a little bit but it was a very anxiety-provoking location for me. I’m just glad we got some cute shots despite my experience.

ANYWAYS, I’m obsessed with this dress. It makes me feel like I’m in a Molly Ringwald movie and I couldn’t be more stoked. This to me shouts more ‘fancy adult, wine tasting’ party rather than my other outfit.

My sparkly two-piece multicolor outfit screams, “I’M GOING TO THE CLUB FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE,” (the all-caps are there to represent the screaming). Now, I have no idea what I am doing for New Year’s BUT with this outfit I can really do anything. I just so happened to be checking out Forever 21’s website and they were doing 50% off of everything and then I saw this and knew it would be PERFECT!! I got another one but didn’t think I would need 3 outfits for New Year’s, when I will realistically only be wearing one (as much as I want to wear more than one). I guess I could go to 2 different parties so that I am able to wear both… Something to think about lol!

I thought it would be fun to shoot it in a laundromat just for shits and giggles. I like the two drastically different concepts. It was super fun and there were a couple women doing their laundry who thought it was “such a cute idea.”

I wish those ladies were with me, hyping me up on all my shoots lol!

I hope this post gives you some ideas on how to style little pieces but also how to go big or go home on your New Year’s outfits!

Have fun and stay safe!!!




One thought on “New Year’s Eve Styles

  1. You are so Adorable! Seriously, you should model professionally.
    Or be a style consultant!
    Though, personally I think that you should be in front of the camera 📷!!!


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