How To “Corona Virus”


I don’t think anyone ever predicted the world to be overcome by such panic in a matter of a week. In the beginning stages, we were laughing at the memes that were produced due to the COVID-19… but it’s not a joke anymore. The government is taking serious precautions to get this pandemic under control before it spreads any more than it already has.

Now, I am not writing this to try and inform you all about the Corona Virus because I do not work for the CDC. I am here, however, to talk about the mental health aspect of it all and how to cope.

If I am being honest, the Corona Virus has sparked a lot of panic in me. Externally, I feel like I have remained pretty calm while, internally, I have been screaming. People have been walking around and talking the last couple of days as if this ISN’T a National Emergency, which freaks me out even more? I’ve felt my heart rate spike and my inner peace go out the window…

So, how do we cope with the hysteria?

I know that government “guidance” is for us to stay in our homes and quarantine, but that might make us go mad (not really, but maybe)!

Keeping in mind social distancing. going outside has been a great way to distract my anxious thoughts. Whether it’s going for a run (all of the gyms are closed until further notice) or watching the sunset, there is this calming aspect about being in nature.

While stuck indoors, take the time to start binging a new tv show or, re-watch The Office for the 5th time. Some new shows that I’ve started:

  • I’m Not Okay with This: This is about a girl in high school who has recently discovered that she has superpowers on top of being a teenager.
  • The Stranger: There are so many twists and turns in this show, I can’t even go into it. This ‘stranger’ goes around telling people secrets that others are hiding from them… you can only guess the messy web that is woven because of it.

Some old shows I’m re-watching:

  • Private Practice: This is a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy, so if you’ve seen that show then you will LOVE this one.
  • New Girl: Zooey Deschanel plays this adorable school teacher with three male roommates who become some of her best friends. It is just a very uplifting and light-hearted show that steals my attention when I’m watching it so I find it the perfect show to re-watch during a confusing time.
  • Parks & Recreation: If you haven’t watched this or even heard of this, come on.

When you’ve run out of shows to watch, try your hand at reading! I’ve been doing A TON of reading lately and it has taken me to another world while ours is a little weird right now. My reading list:

  • After We Fell: This is book number three in the ‘After’ series by Anna Todd. If you want a gripping, can’t-put-it-down romance novel, this is the series for you.
  • Little Fires Everywhere: I was supposed to have read this book for my February book club… ask me if I did that. Anyways, I’ve heard nothing but AMAZING things about this book and the first couple chapters that I have read have been really good!
  • The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry: Because who doesn’t love a good self-help book? This book was given to me by one of the pastors at my church and it’s basically about slowing down a bit. I will give a full review of this book when I have finished.

Now, obviously you can’t just pop on over to the bookstore these days, but check out Amazon for these titles to be delivered right to your door!

When you’ve exhausted all of these other options, I’d start listening to podcasts. A few that are in my library:

  • My Brother, My Brother and Me: If you’re looking for a deep belly-laugh, this is your show. These three brothers read the most ridiculous Yahoo questions and then answer them. Sometimes their answers are serious but most times not.
  • My Favorite Murder: If you are into True Crime, this is your show. They are also HUGE advocates for mental health, so that’s another reason I’m a fan.
  • Sleep With Me: This is a podcast I listen to when I am trying to get to sleep at night. I don’t always have the easiest time getting to bed, but when I hear the host, Drew Ackerman, his smooth voice has me asleep in minutes!

These are just a few of the things that I have been doing to keep my sanity during these uncertain times. As far as the whole “being quarantined” thing… FaceTime or call your loved ones, keep up to date with the news but not so much as to mess with your mental health, and last but not least, stay positive. We are living through history right now and the next step isn’t quite known, but if we support each other (from 6ft away) and show each other some grace, we will get through this and be stronger because of it.



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