Rachel Zoe, an American fashion designer and writer, once said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” I have never related to a quote more, at least when it comes to fashion and clothing.

I fell IN LOVE with style and fashion about 6 years ago when I had gotten a summer job at J. Crew. I had started off as a stylist, which was pretty ironic considering I could BARELY dress myself. My fashion sense wasn’t bad enough to get me on What Not to Wear, but it was not great.

I remember the EXACT outfit that I was wearing that made me absolutely fall in love with styling and the fashion industry! It was a forest green corduroy button-front skirt with a men’s sailboat short-sleeve button up, topped off with some black Nike tennis classics. This outfit was the outfit that started it ALL. It inspired me in ways that I never knew I could be inspired by… it also sparked a pretty crazy shopping addiction that has stood strong 6 years later.

I so creatively get to express every single mood I am in with my clothing and it is something that I find to be a great outlet for me. The simple act of putting outfits together and feeling like my truest self really shows through in all of my outfits.

When I was being interviewed for a job once, the manager asked me to describe my style… That was NOT an easy thing for me to do because my style is all over the place. One minute it could look like I am going on a yacht with my girlfriends, the next it might seem like I am going to a rock concert. There are no limits when it comes to how you can style things.

One of the reasons I have stayed in the retail industry for as long as I have is because I absolutely LOVE dressing people. It doesn’t happen often where someone comes in and says “dress me,” but the few people that do want that are my absolute FAVORITE customers. Being able to shock people with what patterns they can wear or how many things you can pair one article of clothing with is not an easy task BUT it is one that I am fortunate enough to say that I have learned.

I am all for breaking society’s mold on what one can or cannot wear. I love shocking people with what I leave my house wearing. Whenever someone says to me, “Oh, I could never wear that,” I always say nay. Anybody can wear anything they wanted, they just need the confidence to rock it. It’s taken me a looooonnnngggg way to get to the comfort level in clothes that I’m at now, but it has been such a fun journey to get here!

If anybody needs any fashion help, my inbox is ALWAYS open.



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