Tips To Beat The Winter Blues

It’s true what they say about seasonal depression and how it can flare up during the winter months. Some people refer to it as the ‘winter blues.’ I usually have a strong case of the winter blues come January and February, so this year I decided to be proactive about it and get ahead of it. I’ve created a little guide of things that help me beat the sadness that can sometimes creep in in the beginning of the year and I thought it might help for me to share those tips.

1. Pick up a new hobby.

I kept seeing these loosely knit blankets on Pinterest and had been DYING to get one for my future home. I found a girl on FB marketplace who makes them and talked to her about customizing one for me. I then decided to YouTube how to make them, went to Michael’s to buy yarn, and had one made by the end of the day. Making blankets has been such a therapeutic activity for me; it’s so mindless and I just get caught up in it when I am making them that I don’t really have the capacity to think about anything els, which has been AMAZING for my anxiety.

2. Journaling.

In the last year, I kind of fell away from journaling. I used to only write negative things in my journal which would put me in the worst headspace. I would talk so badly about myself, calling myself the worst names or saying how disappointing I was. Like I said, so horrible. Getting back into journaling though has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, making it a positive space instead of a negative one. So, the first week of January I started waking up early, lighting a lovely candle, and journaling about gratitude. That’s how I have started almost every single day since and it has been the most amazing start to my days. It has put me in such a positive headspace, allowing my day to only improve from there. Sometimes I even journal TWICE a day, morning and night. It’s nice to decompress from my day as well. If you don’t journal, I highly recommend going to the store to get one and starting. It is amazing what it can do for your mood.

3. Exercise.

Last year I kind of fell of my workout kick and paid the price for it. I am kicking myself for it but I am also more motivated to get in better shape because of it. My boyfriend and I go to the same gym and let me tell you, having someone to hold you accountable for your fitness is LIFE-CHANGING. Not only do I enjoy working out and seeing results, but the way that it changes my mood to a more positive one is most definitely my favorite part. I need to be better about working out when I am in a negative mood because I know how much better I feel once I’ve gotten a good workout in.

4. Get outside.

I know I feel so much better after I’ve gotten some sunshine on my skin, whether that be at the beach or on a walk or hike. Just being able to get outside improves my mood tenfold. I love the smell of fresh air and being close to nature.

5. Call up a friend.

I am so fortunate to have the people that I do in my life. I’ve got such a solid group of friends that I know that I can call up whenever I am feeling down. Being able to just grab coffee with my friends or go for a walk on the beach with them boosts my mood instantly. Most of my friends are well aware of the things that I struggle with so being able to authentically be who I am, having a safe space, is so important and I can trust them with that. I also have an amazing boyfriend, who is my best friend, that I can go to for anything.

Now, these tips aren’t the solution to everything but I think they are a pretty good place to start when struggling with the winter blues.



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